Chris Pickett
I'm Just Here For The Code
Big is beautiful with Django.
Make your Django url configs just a little prettier with kwargs.
I'm a huge fan of list comprehensions in Python. It's always made me a bit frustrated when I can't use them in other languages such as Javascript.... But Wait, Can I?
I'm probably slow to the party, but I just found out a couple months ago that python's `.format` command accepts keyword arguments, which makes for fantastically readable string formatting.
Due to the demise of posterous, it's been quite a while since I've had my site up and running. I finally had some free time this weekend, so what better...
Python > Django
A light-weight blogging app for Django.
Python > Django
My personal website.
A pure python implementation of a perceptual hashing algorithm.
Food > Drink
How many bottles of liquor to own, how many bottles of booze?
A sloppy joe namer. Takes a list of names and a list of words and smashes them together.
Find your way around romania.
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